Coastal Climate Change and Forest Impacts

Coastal Climate Change and Forest Impacts

Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Synthesis and Coordination Meeting

January 23, 2020
USDA National Agriculture Library
Beltsville, Maryland

Meeting Purpose:

To bring together leading experts regarding the impacts of coastal climate change to forests in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, with a particular emphasis on sea-level rise and coastal flooding, to develop a current understanding of the state of knowledge, facilitate exchange among experts, review adaptation and response measures available to land managers, and to identify research and management needs.


9:00-9:15 AM Welcome and Objectives

Cynthia West, Director Office of Sustainability & Climate, US Forest Service
Dave Hollinger, Director, Northeast Climate Hub, US Forest Service

9:15-10:00 AM Keynote and Scope

pdfOverview of Ghost Forests in the Mullica Valley: A Sentinel Site for the Mid-Atlantic
(Ken Able, Rutgers University)

pdfConceptual Model on Climate Change-induced Saltwater Impacts on NE/Mid-Atlantic Coastal Forests
(Rachael Sacatelli, Rutgers University)

10:00-10:50 AM Session 1

Groundwater, Sea-Level Rise, and Impacts to Coastal Forests in the NE-MidAtlantic Region
(Glen Carleton, USGS NJ Water Science Center)

pdfCoastal Zone Soil Survey – A Paradigm Shift
(Rob Tunstead, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service)

pdfHistorical Change of Ghost Forests with Respect to Sea-Level Rise
(Jennifer Walker, Rutgers University)

10:50-11:10 AM Break

11:10-12:05 PM Session 2

Coastal Plant Response and Climate Change
(Keryn Gedan, George Washington University)

pdfMarsh Migration into Coastal Forests
(Matthew Kirwan, Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences)

Impacts of Saltwater Intrusion on Pine Systems
(Matt Hurd, Maryland Department of Natural Resources)

pdfImpact of Saltwater on Tree Growth
(LeeAnn Haaf, Partnership for the Delaware Estuary)

12:05-12:45 PM Lunch
12:45 -2:05 PM Session 3

pdfThe Future of Forests on Blackwater Wildlife Refuge
(Matt Whitbeck, Blackwater Wildlife Refuge)

pdfLegal and Policy Tools for Managed Retreat
(Katie Spidalieri, Georgetown Climate Center) 

pdfSalt Marsh Restoration: Lessons Learned and Looking Forward
(Stephen Smith, National Park Service, Cape Cod National Seashore)

pdfFacilitating Habitat Migration Through Coastal Easements
(Kelly Collins, Maryland Department of Natural Resources)

pdfHow Might We Facilitate Marsh or Forest Retreat Through Buyouts?
(Fawn McGee, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection)

Update on Maryland’s Plan to Adapt to Saltwater Intrusion and Salinization
(Debbie Herr Cornwell, Maryland Department of Planning)

Lessons from the Southeastern US
(Steve McNulty, USDA Southeast Climate Hub)

2:05 - 3:30 PM Discussion – Research Gaps, Developing a Research Agenda and Management Framework

Facilitated by Rachael Sacatelli, Marjorie Kaplan, and Richard Lathrop

3:30 PM Adjourn

Note: Presentations are provided for those speakers who gave permission to post. Some speakers had data that were in process of being submitted for publication. Some speakers did not use slides.