Climate Change and New Jersey

Below are resources specifically related to climate change and New Jersey. Additional resources related to climate change and New Jersey can be found in the News/Highlights, Videos and in the Climate Change and Agriculture sections of our website.

  • 1. An Examination of Policy Options for Achieving Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction in New Jersey

    This report explores policy options for the State of New Jersey to advance efforts to attain statewide greenhouse gas limits set 10 years ago by the Global Warming Response Act (N.J.S.A. 26:2C-37). The report examines five critical issues with...
  • 2. NJ's Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory 2012 Update

    This report provides greenhouse gas emissions estimates for New Jersey for the years 2010. 2011, and 2012.  2012 Update to New Jersey's Statewide Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory. Researchers through the Rutgers Climate Institute and Edward J...
  • 3. New Jersey Climate Change Alliance

    Website The New Jersey Climate Change Alliance (NJCAA) is a collective of organizations and individuals that share the goal of advancing science-informed climate change strategies and policy at the state and local levels in New...
  • 4. NJ Sea-Level Rise Reports

    The New Jersey Climate Change Alliance Advisory Committee requested that Rutgers University convene a Science and Technical Advisory Panel (STAP) to synthesize for practitioners the most recent climate science needed to inform efforts to increase...
  • 5. NJADAPT

    NJADAPT is a tool that can help the public, government official, businesses, and non-governmental professionals understand how a changing climate is affecting and will continue to affect various populations, places, and assets in New Jersey. 
  • 6. State of the Climate: New Jersey

      The Rutgers Climate Institute has released its inaugural State of the Climate: New Jersey which highlights information related to temperature, precipitation and sea level rise for New Jersey.  Read the report as an Interactive BrochureDownload the...
  • 7. NJEDL

    Information Jersey Environmental Digital Library (NJEDL) an open repository of digital research and educational materials on New Jersey's environment.