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2019-2020 Academic Year

News and Highlights in December 2019

A new study published in Nature Climate Change finds evidence that warm-water species are rapidly increasing and cold water species are decreasing as global temperature rises, reports Science Daily. According to co-author and RCI affiliate Malin Pinsky this is already causing disruptions to fisheries and ocean food chains.

RCI affiliate Alan Robock was one of 9 experts asked how billionaire philanthropists could most efficiently invest their wealth to combat climate change in an article on Vox. According to Robock, spending money on electing politicians who want to enact policies to enact climate change is what is needed most, as opposed to investing in any one technology.

A report from the federal Government Accountability Agency named 141 New Jersey superfund sites as at risk for flooding or fires exacerbated by climate change, reports NJ Spotlight. Flooding at many of these sites could wash toxic chemicals into rivers and streams, posing a public health hazard.