2015-2016 Academic Year

News In March 2016

RCI affiliate, Jennifer Francis discusses her recent study on the relationship between Arctic sea-ice loss and increased surface melting of the Greenland ice sheet in various news outlets: Rutgers News, phys.org, hngn.com article.  Dr. Francis also discusses how the 2016 Arctic sea ice wintertime extent hits a record low in these news outlets: nasa.gov and Scientific American.

Congratulations to RCI affiliate Frank Felder for his $926,000 award from the State of New Jersey Board of Public Utilities for his project titled Clean Energy Evaluation and Market Assessment.

RCI affiliate Robert Kopp is quoted on how landscapes change when faced with rising sea levels in this climatecentral.org article.

RCI affiliate  Alan Robock discusses the climate change consequences of nuclear warfare in this New York Times article and companion video.

Congratulations to RCI affiliate, Jennifer Francis who received the SEBS 2016 Research Excellence Award.

The Rutgers Cooperative Extension Water Resources Program has Launched a Green Program to Aid Coastal Communities reduce flooding by stormwater runoff. Read more in this Rutgers News article.

Listen to RCI affiliate, Dina Fonseca explain the preventative measures one can take to manage mosquitoes this summer in this whyy.org show.

RCI affiliate, David Robinson explains New Jersey’s abnormally warm winter in this nj.com article. 

RCI affiliate, David Robinson comments on the Northern Hemisphere’s lowest production of snow cover in the past 14 years in this Washington Post article.

RCI affiliate, Leonard Bielory explains how this year’s weather makes for an early allergy season in this nj1015.com article. 

Congratulations to RCI affiliate, Richard Lathrop who has received an award totaling $38,937 for his project titled Shorebird Conservation in Brazil and Delaware Bay. This project is supported by the Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act 2015 IMPACT Program.

Attribution of Extreme Weather Events in the Context of Climate Change has just been released by the National Academy of Sciences.  Scientific American covers the report here.

Congratulations to RCI affiliate, Gal Hochman who received an award totaling $49,000 from the USDA-National Institute of Food and Agriculture for his project titled The Bioeconomy: Technological and Policy Path Forward.

In this Los Angeles Times article RCI affiliate, Jennifer Francis discusses her theory of how Arctic warming can alter weather patterns in the Northeast. 

RCI affiliate, Benjamin Horton explains how his research can help predict and prepare for future sea level rise in this theatlantic.com article

RCI affiliate, Jennifer Francis discusses Arctic temperature anomalies in this Washington Post article.

RCI affiliate, Malin Pinsky, discuss how climate change impacts the movement of fisheries and the relationship to wealth in this Rutgers News article about a new study he and RCI affiliate Kevin St. Martin and RCI affiliate emerita, Bonnie McCay recently contributed to and published in Nature Climate Change.

Congratulations to RCI affiliate Benjamin Horton who was named the winner of the Plinius Medal by the European Geosciences Union.  Learn more about the award and Horton’s work here.

The EPA released an updated State and Local guide to U.S. EPA Climate and Energy Program Resources. Click here to view the document.