2015-2016 Academic Year

News In February 2016

In partnership with the State of NJ Coastal Management Program, Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve and Rutgers Climate Institute along, the Louis Berger Group, and the Borough of Oceanport have received a $900,000 NOAA regional grant to help communities in Monmouth County develop a regional plan to address the impacts of coastal hazards and improve resiliency. Read more here.

RCI affiliates Robert Kopp and Benjamin Horton release new paper Temperature-driven global sea-level variability in the Common Era published in the Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences,  finding seas are rising at the fastest rate since 2,800 years ago. Read more in Professor Kopp’s blog, this New York Times article, Washington Post article, climatecentral.org article, and Bloomberg.com article.

The United States Department of State's blog Our Arctic Nation features a new post highlighting New Jersey and Rutgers University’s contributions to Arctic research. RCI affiliates Jennifer Francis, Asa Rennermalm, David Robinson, Hal Salzman; RCI Associate Director Marjorie Kaplan; and Rutgers doctoral candidate Michael Brady (Geography), all contributed to this post.

RCI affiliate, Michael Kennish discusses why damaging flooding is happening more frequently in New Jersey in this pressofatlanticcity.com article.

RCI affiliate, Alan Robock discusses the nuclear winter in his New York Times piece.

National Center for Atmospheric Research’s (NCAR) releases What's Going On With El Niño? by distinguished senior scientist Kevin Trenberth;  watch it in this UCARConnect video.

The Rutgers Gardens is expanding to include sustainable farming in order to teach students about organic agriculture and strengthen community outreach. Click here to read more about the expansion.

RCI affiliate Alan Robock, comments on how geoengineering experiments would have to be extremely large in order to show significant climate response in this Slate.com article.

RCI affiliate, Daniel Van Abs discusses a shift in thinking to more focused projects for more effective and timely flood protection in New Jersey in his njspotlight.com article.

In this New York Times, Patch.com, and app.com article RCI affiliate Dina Fonseca, comments on the preventative measures that can be put in place to address a threat from the Zika virus in New Jersey.

RCI Co-director Anthony Broccoli and RCI affiliate Jeanne Herb were guests on the Green Hour’s first live show Framing the Future in which they discussed the Paris COP21 accord and climate change. Click here to read the synopsis.

Rutgers Professor Jason Grabosky discusses planning for a changing climate when picking out tree species to plant on the golf course in this Golf Course Industry article.

RCI Affiliate David Robinson discusses the outcome of the January 2016 blizzard in this nj.com article and this nj1015.com article.

RCI Affiliate Robert Kopp is a member of the National Academy of Sciences committee which deliberated over this National Academies Press release: Assessment of Approaches to Updating the Social Cost of Carbon. Read the
report here.

Associate Director of the Rutgers Climate Institute, Marjorie Kaplan was featured in the Daily Targum discussing her recent lecture on climate change adaptation in NJ.

Congratulations to RCI affiliate Benjamin Horton who was named the winner of the Plinius Medal by the European Geosciences Union.  Learn more about the award and Horton’s work here.

The EPA released an updated State and Local guide to U.S. EPA Climate and Energy Program Resources. Click here to view the document.