News in March 2015

RCI Affiliate Leonard Bielory says in this article that climate change creates an environment that is more hospitable for pollen-releasing plants, which may be why allergy season seems to start earlier. A recent paper by several Rutgers researchers, including Dr. Bielory and RCI Affiliate Alan Robock on earlier allergenic pollen seasons for trees, weeds, and grass is here.

RCI Affiliate David A. Robinson, was quoted in this Asbury Park Press article, commenting on New Jersey’s colder and snowier winter.

Watch this video of RCI Affiliate Paul Falkowski discuss\ing the business opportunities that could result from climate intervention here. 

Listen to RCI Co-director Anthony Broccoli who notes  that despite the rise in baseline temperatures due to climate change, daily and even yearly weather variations will still occur. Tune in and listen to the Yale Climate Connections conversation here.