Weis, Judith S.

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Judith Weis is an estuarine ecologist, who is especially interested in responses of estuarine animals to stresses, such as pollution, invasive species, and parasites. Climate change, (both increased temperatures and acidification) in addition to causing its own effects, will probably exacerbate effects of these other stresses.




Weis, J., Watson, E.B., Ravit, B., Harman, C., and Yepsen, M. 2021. The status and future of tidal marshes in New Jersey faced with sea level rise. Anthropocene Coasts 4(1).

Weis, J.S. 2020. Behavioral responses of marine animals to metals, acidification, hypoxia, and noise pollution. Chapter 6 In Coastal and Deep Ocean Pollution. A. Arias and S.E. Botte (eds.). CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Pub. Boca Raton FL. Pp 153-183 ([;vnd.vst.idref=Chapter06]!/4/2/2/2/2/2[ch6]@0:0)

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