Wang, Ruoqian

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  • Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
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Dr. Wang’s research group is aimed at developing numerical models to connect big data and decision-making in coastal systems. The major topics include 1) the coastal resilience and interaction among hydrodynamics, infrastructure systems (e.g. coastal defense systems, transportation network), and decision makers facing sea-level rise and extreme weather events, 2) renewable energy (offshore wind and solar energy), and 3) big data with citizen science and climate change risk communication.


Wang, R. Q., Mao, H., Wang, Y., Rae, C., & Shaw, W., (2018), Hyper-resolution monitoring of urban flooding with social media and crowd-sourcing data, Computers and Geosciences, 111(2), 139 - 147.

Wang, R. Q., Stacey, M. T., Herdman, L., Hummel, M., Erikson, L., & Barnard, P., (2018), Interdependence of Coastal Protection Infrastructure Projects and the Effects of Sea Level Rise, Earth's future, doi:10.1002/2017EF000742.

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