Schoolman, Ethan D.

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Dr. Schoolman looks broadly at the environmental and social implications of efforts to strengthen alternative food systems, including local and regional production/consumption of food and organic farming. He is also interested in the clean energy potential of agriculture and farmland, and is a member of the Rutgers Agrivoltaics Program. Reforming food systems has enormous potential for helping to address the drivers of climate change; at the same time, the changing climate will have profound consequences for agriculture.



Schoolman, E. (2019). Do direct market farms use fewer agricultural chemicals? Evidence from the US census of agriculture. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems, 34(5), 415-429. doi:10.1017/S1742170517000758

2022 Errickson, Lauren B., Ethan D. Schoolman, Virginia Quick, Sarah Davis, and Anthony Capece. “Engaging farmers,
culinary schools, and community members in value-added production to strengthen local food systems.” Journal of Extension (in press).

2022 Schoolman, Ethan D. and J. Gordon Arbuckle. “Cover crops and specialty crop agriculture: Exploring cover
crop use among vegetable and fruit growers in Michigan and Ohio.” Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 77(4): 403-417. doi:10.2489/jswc.2022.00006

2022 Quick, Virginia, Lauren B. Errickson, Graham E. Bastian, Grace Chang, Sarah Davis, Anthony Capece, and Ethan D. Schoolman. “Preserving farm freshness: Consumer preferences for local value-aded products at urban farmers markets.” Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development 11(2): 113-34. doi:10.5304/jafscd.2022.112.004

2022 Han, Guang, Ethan D. Schoolman, J. Gordon Arbuckle Jr., and Lois Wright Morton. “Weather, values, capacity and concern: Toward a social- cognitive model of specialty crop farmers’ perceptions of climate change risk.” Environment and Behavior 54(2): 327-362. doi:10.1177/00139165211026607

2021 Schoolman, Ethan D., Lois Wright Morton, J. Gordon Arbuckle Jr., and Guang Han. “Marketing to the foodshed: Why do farmers participate in local food systems?” Journal of Rural Studies 84: 240-253. doi:10.1016/j.jrurstud.2020.08.055

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