Schneider, Laura

Dr. Schneider is a biogeographer specialized in land change science. Her research focuses on understanding the dynamics of land transformations, the drivers of land change, and how land change affects socio-ecological systems. Her research emerges from a strong background in tropical biology, ecology, remote sensing and human-environment geography, and it examines theoretical and methodological ways of linking biophysical, socioeconomic and remote sensing and GIS data in understanding landscape dynamics.

 Her research interests are monitoring and modeling land transformation, biophysical remote sensing and the effect of fire, droughts and hurricanes on tropical forests of Meso-America. She is currently involved in research looking Environmental Disturbance in Greater Yucatan (EDGY) in Mexico which was funded by Moore Foundation, also she is a Co-PI in an NSF-CNH funded project looking at pastures and forest re-growth in the Ecuadorian Amazon.


Armenteras, D., L. Schneider, and L.M. Davalos (2018). Fires in protected areas reveal unforeseen costs of Colombian peace.  Nature: Ecology and Evolution.

Ramirez, C. D., Orrego S. A. and L. Schneider. Identifying Drivers and Spatial Pattern of Deforestation in a Strategic Watershed, Rio Grande Basin (Colombian Andes). Journal of Latin American Geography, Forthcoming

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