Rennermalm, Asa

Dr. Rennermalm studies hydrology and climate in the Arctic region with emphasis on Greenland ice sheet hydrology. Her work involves modeling, satellite data analysis, and fieldwork. She has participated several field expeditions to the Arctic, including Alaska and Greenland.


2021: Rennermalm, Å. K., Hock, R., Covi, F., Xiao, J., Corti, G., Kingslake, J., Leidman, S. Z., Miège, C., Macferrin, M., Machguth, H., Osterberg, E., Kameda, T., and McConnell, J. R.: Shallow firn cores 1989–2019 in southwest Greenland’s percolation zone reveal decreasing density and ice layer thickness after 2012, J. Glaciol., 1–12,, 2021.

2021: Leidman, S. Z., Rennermalm, Å. K., Lathrop, R. G., and Cooper, M. G. Terrain-Based Shadow Correction Method for Assessing Supraglacial Features on the Greenland Ice Sheet, Front. Remote Sens., 2, 690474, 2021.

2021: Smith, L. C., Andrews, L. C., Pitcher, L. H., Overstreet, B. T., Rennermalm, Å. K., Cooper, M. G., Cooley, S. W., Ryan, J. C., Miège, C., Kershner, C., and Simpson, C. E.: Supraglacial River Forcing of Subglacial Water Storage and Diurnal Ice Sheet Motion, Geophys Res Lett, 48,, 2021.

2021: Gleason, C. J., Smith, L. C., Chu, V. W., Legleiter, C. J., Pitcher, L. H., Overstreet, B. T., Rennermalm, A. K., Forster, R. R., and Yang, K.: Characterizing supraglacial meltwater channel hydraulics on the Greenland Ice Sheet from in situ observations: Characterizing Supraglacial Channel Hydraulics in the Field, Earth Surf. Process. Landforms, 41, 2111–2122,, 2016.

2021: Pain, A. J., Martin, J. B., Martin, E. E., Rennermalm, Å. K., and Rahman, S.: Heterogeneous CO2 and CH4 content of glacial meltwater from the Greenland Ice Sheet and implications for subglacial carbon processes, The Cryosphere, 15, 1627–1644,, 2021.

2021: Leidman, S.Z., Rennermalm, Å. K., Muthyala, R., Guo, Q., Overeem, I. (2021) The Presence and Widespread Distribution of Dark Sediment in Greenland Ice Sheet Supraglacial Streams Implies Substantial Impact of Microbial Communities on Sediment Deposition and Albedo. Geophysical Research Letters, 48, e2020GL088444.

2020: Leidman, S. Z., Rennermalm, Å. K., Broccoli, A. J., van As, D., van den Broeke, M. R., Steffen, K., & Hubbard, A. (2020). Methods for Predicting the Likelihood of Safe Fieldwork Conditions in Harsh Environments. Frontiers in Earth Science, 8, 260.

2019: Deuerling K. M., J. B. Martin, E. E. Martin, J. Abermann, S. M. Dyreng, D. Petersen, A. K. Rennermalm. Chemical weathering across the western foreland of the Greenland Ice Sheet. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 245, 426–440, doi:10.1016/j.gca.2018.11.025, 2019.

2019: Castelao R. M., H. Luo, H. Oliver H, A. K. Rennermalm. Controls on the Transport of Meltwater From the Southern Greenland Ice Sheet in the Labrador Sea, Journal of Geophysical Research : Oceans. 124, 3551–3560, doi:10.1029/2019JC015159, 2019.

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