Nikolopoulos, Efthymios

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Dr. Nikolopoulos expertise is in the modeling and monitoring of hydrometeorological and hydrological extremes. His main research goal is to improve the understanding of climate change effects on hydrological extremes and develop methods to mitigate their environmental and socioeconomic impacts.

Recent Publications:

1. Emmanouil, S., Langousis, A., Nikolopoulos, E.I. and Anagnostou, E.N., 2023. Exploring the future of rainfall extremes over CONUS: The effects of high emission climate change trajectories on the intensity and frequency of rare precipitation events. Earth's Future11(4), p.e2022EF003039.

2. Araujo, D. S., Marra, F., Merow, C., and Nikolopoulos, E. I. (2022). Today’s 100 year droughts in Australia may become the norm by the end of the century. Environmental Research Letters, 17(4), 044034.[ link ]

3. Amponsah, W., Dallan, E., Nikolopoulos, E. I., and Marra, F. (2022). Climatic and altitudinal controls on rainfall extremes and their temporal changes in data-sparse tropical regions. Journal of Hydrology, 128090. [link]

4. Rasheed, Z., Aravamudan, A., Sefidmazgi, A. G., Anagnostopoulos, G. C., and Nikolopoulos, E. I. (2022). Advancing flood warning procedures in ungauged basins with machine learning. Journal of Hydrology, 609, 127736. [link]

5. Emmanouil, S., A. Langousis, E.I. Nikolopoulos, and Anagnostou E.N., (2022). The spatiotemporal evolution of rainfall extremes in a changing climate: A CONUS-wide assessment based on multifractal scaling arguments. Earth’s Future, 10(3), e2021EF002539. [link]

6. Koukoula, M., Schwartz, C.S., Nikolopoulos, E.I. and Anagnostou, E.N., (2021). Understanding the impact of soil moisture on precipitation under different climate and meteorological conditions: A numerical sensitivity study over the CONUS. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 126(23), p.e2021JD035096.[link]

7. Sofia, G. and Nikolopoulos, E.I., (2020). Floods and rivers: a circular causality perspective. Scientific reports, 10(1), pp.1-17. [link]

8. Araujo, D., Marra, F., Ali, H., Fowler, H.J. and Nikolopoulos, E.I., 2023. Relation Between Storm Characteristics and Extreme Precipitation Statistics Over CONUS. Advances in Water Resourcesp.104497.

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