Marcone, Jorge

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Marcone teaches courses on the theories informing the environmental humanities; and on the interrelationship between Latin America’s literature, film, and art, on the one hand, and environmental activism and socio-ecological resilience, on the other. His current lines of research focus on Amazonia, and on transdisciplinary research on water governance carried out at the SARAS Institute in Maldonado, Uruguay.



“A Gut Feeling: The Emergence of Human Microbiota Conservation in the Peruvian Amazon.” A Handbook of Medical-Environmental Humanities. Editors: Scott Slovic, Swarnalatha Rangarajan, and Vidaya Sarveswaran. London: Bloomsbury, 2022.

“A Regional PECS Node Built from Place-based Social-ecological Sustainability Research in Latin America and the Caribbean.” Co-authored with Rafael Calderón-Contreras et. al. Ecosystems and People. 18:1 (2021),1-14,DOI:10.1080/26395916.2021.2000501

Towards an Amazonian Environmental Humanities (2019). Hispanic Ecocriticism, 2019. Marcone, Jorge.

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