Labban, Mazen

Mazen Labban is a human-environment geographer interested in critical social theory, political economy, industrial microbiology and biotechnology, extraction (metals, oil & gas), energy, and waste. Labban is currently working on two books: rethinking the inter-relationships between urbanization, mining, and wasting under modern capitalism; exploring the multiple intersections of various microbes with the circuits of capital.


Labban, Mazen. On the #BeirutBlast: Organized Abandonment and the Environmental Violence of Capital. Capitalism Nature Socialism 31 (4). 2020.

Labban, Mazen. “Oil Spill: Inside the Global Market for Crude.” The American Prospect, 28 Apr. 2020, 

Labban, Mazen. “Rhythms of Wasng/Unbuilding the Built Environment.” New Geographies 10.2019.

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