Huang, Bingru

Huang’s group conducts research exploring mechanisms of plant adaptation to environmental stress, including heat, drought, salinity, and cold, and interaction with elevated atmospheric CO2 concentration.


Huang, B. 2019. Turfgrass physiology and stress adaptation. Wiley-Blackwell Publisher. (in writing).

Book Chapters:

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Chapman, C., and B. Huang. 2019. Physiological, Biochemical, and Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Post-Drought Stress Recovery in Grass Species. In: Mohammad Pessarakli (ed.). 4th Edition of the Handbook of Plant & Crop Stress. CRC Press.

Journal Articles:

Yu, J., N. Fan, R. Li, L. Zhuang, Q. Xu, and B. Huang. 2019. Proteomic profiling for metabolic pathways involved in interactive effects of elevated carbon dioxide and nitrogen on leaf growth in perennial grass species. J. Proteome Research. (in press).

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Zhang, X., and B. Huang. 2019. Lipidomic reprogramming associated with drought stress priming-enhanced heat tolerance in tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea). Plant Cell Environ.42:947–958.

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