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Dr. Garner is a data scientist with a background in Meteorology and Climate Science. While his current focus is the development of FACTS (the Framework for Assessing Changes To Sea-level), a computational framework for projecting sea-level rise in a changing climate, he is broadly interested in how people use tools and information to make decisions. He works in close collaboration with experts in social sciences, statistics, economics, philosophy, and engineering and uses state-of-the-art optimization tools, statistical methods, and data-analysis techniques to investigate complex problems across multiple disciplines. Dr. Garner is a chapter scientist and contributing author to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Sixth Assessment Report and has contributed sea-level change projections to numerous national climate assessments.



In preparation:

Garner, G.G., Simons, F., Oppenheimer, M., 2021: A Global Account of Changes in Heat Wave Frequency and Duration  (working title). In prep.

Garner, G.G., Truilli, M., Hermans, T., Koubbe, G., Slangen, A., Jha, S., Kopp, R.E., 2020: Streamline Projection Workflows of Sea-Level Change: The Framework for Assessing Changes To Sea-Level (FACTS version 0.2). Geoscientific Model Development, In prep.

Journal articles:

Lamontagne, J.R., Reed, P.M., Marangoni, G., Keller, K., Garner, G.G., 2019: Robust pathways to tolerable climate futures require immediate global action. Nature Climate Change. 

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