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Dr. Bushek's research focuses on shellfisheries, shellfish pathology and ecology and shellfish aquaculture. Aparticularly interest is shellfish pathogen transmission dynamics and how that is affected by climate change andthe movement of shellfish for restoration, enhancement and cultivation. Recently, he's worked on the role ofshellfish in shoreline protection and the development of 'living shorelines' that use shellfish as structural andecologically functional components in shoreline protection and resiliency.



Journal articles:

Behringer, D.C., Wood, C.L., Krkosek, M., and D. Bushek. 2020. Chapter 10: Disease in fisheries and aquaculture. In:Behringer, D.C., Silliman, B.R., and K.D. Lafferty (eds), Marine Disease Ecology. Oxford University Press. Oxford, UK.DOI: 10.1093/oso/9780198821632.003.0010

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Ashton-Alcox, K. A., Morson, J. M., Powell, E. N., Gius, J. E., Munroe, D., & Bushek, D. (2021). Oyster recruitment and persistence on planted versus native substrate over 13 year in the delaware bay oyster fishery resource. Journal of Shellfish Research.

Chan, J., Wang, L., Li, L., Mu, K., Bushek, D., Xu, Y., Guo, X., Zhang, G., & Zhang, L. (2021). Transcriptomic Response to Perkinsus marinus in Two Crassostrea Oysters Reveals Evolutionary Dynamics of Host-Parasite Interactions. Frontiers in Genetics.

Maslo, B., Burkhalter, J. C., Bushek, D., Yuhas, T., Schumm, B., Burger, J., & Lockwood, J. L. (2020). Assessing conservation conflict: Does intertidal oyster aquaculture inhibit foraging behavior of migratory shorebirds? Ecosphere.

Yeh, H., Skubel, S. A., Patel, H., Cai Shi, D., Bushek, D., & Chikindas, M. L. (2020). From Farm to Fingers: an Exploration of Probiotics for Oysters, from Production to Human Consumption. Probiotics and Antimicrobial Proteins.

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