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Dr. Broccoli studies changes in climate, both past and future, with a goal of better understanding the mechanisms responsible for such changes. He uses numerical models of the climate system in his research, carefully comparing their results with evidence from the climate record.


Broccoli, Anthony and Manabe, Syukuro. 2020: Beyond Global Warming: How Numerical Models Revealed the Secrets of Climate Change. Princeton University Press.

Journal articles: 

Sagoo, N., Storelvmo, T., Hahn, L., Tan, I., Danco, J., Raney, B., & Broccoli, A. J. 2021. Observationally Constrained Cloud Phase Unmasks Orbitally Driven Climate Feedbacks. Geophysical Research Letters.

Bova, S., Rosenthal, Y., Liu, Z., Yan, M., Broccoli, A. J., Godad, S. P., & Zeng, C. 2021. Reply to: Non-trivial role of internal climate feedback on interglacial temperature evolution. Nature.

Leidman, S. Z., Rennermalm, Å. K., Broccoli, A. J., van As, D., van den Broeke, M. R., Steffen, K., & Hubbard, A. 2020. Methods for Predicting the Likelihood of Safe Fieldwork Conditions in Harsh Environments. Frontiers in Earth Science.

Catalano, A. J., Broccoli, A. J., Kapnick, S. B., & Janoski, T. P. (2019). High-impact extratropical cyclones along the northeast coast of the united states in a long coupled climate model simulation. Journal of Climate.

Rutberg, R. L., & Broccoli, A. J. (2019). Response of the High-Latitude Southern Hemisphere to Precessional Forcing: Implications for Pleistocene Ocean Circulation. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology.

Clem, K. R., Lintner, B. R., Broccoli, A. J., & Miller, J. R. (2019). Role of the South Pacific Convergence Zone in West Antarctic Decadal Climate Variability. Geophysical Research Letters.

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