Brechin, Steven R.

Professor and Graduate Director of the Department of Sociology
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Faculty Affiliate – Climate Change Institute

Steve Brechin is Professor and Graduate Director of the Department of Sociology. His scholarly interests include organizational, political and environmental sociology, including the sociology of biodiversity conservation and climate change. In Belize, Central America, Brechin has explored state-civil society relationships and tensions around nature protection efforts under new state emphases of mega-tourism and oil development. With evolving field research in Belize (which large parts of the country are within a meter of sea level), Brechin and students investigate how this small vulnerable country addresses climate change while pursuing other major economic development activities. New projects include comparing differing national-level commitments to climate change strategies of adaptation and mitigation as well as on international financing of those strategies. Professor Brechin has written extensively on comparative national public opinion on global climate change and on the failure of mainstream sociology to engage sufficiently this critical issue.


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