Academic Year 2016-2017

On April 18, 2017, Rutgers Climate Institute, along with the Cook Campus Dean, co-sponsored Rutgers University Students for Environmental Awareness’ (SEA) film screening of "Before the Flood" featuring Leonardo DiCaprio's journey to 5 different continents in learning and revealing the impacts of climate change. This film presented by National Geographic uncovers the growing concern regarding the change in global climate and how certain countries are significantly impacted. At the same time, the audience is encouraged to take bold individual actions to prevent further damage and to protect our home. The event was part of SEA’s Earth Week Festival.

before the flood3

RCI Affilates Karen O'Neill (Human Ecology), John Weingart (Eagleton Institute of Politics), and Bob Kopp (Earth and Planetary Sciences) participate in a panel discussion moderated by Pinky Liau, President of Students for Environmental Awareness.