Academic Year 2013-2014


Photo (left to right): Diane Burko (artist), Professor Asa Rennermalm (Geography), Professor Hal Salzman (Bloustein).

Freeze Frame: Art and the Cryosphere, offered in conjunction with the Zimmerli exhibition Diane Burko: Glacial Perspectives, featured a lecture by Diane Burko, who discussed her recent trips to the Arctic and Antarctica and her experience creating paintings that confront climate change. The lecture is part of the interdisciplinary seminar series, Polar Perspectives on Art and Science. It is presented in relation with the Spring 2014 Byrne Seminar "Arctic Lens: A Journey to The Great North through Film," taught by professors Asa Rennermalm and Hal Salzman (pictured).


The museum's partners include the Rutgers Climate Institute, Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, Department of Geography, the Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences, the Institute for Women and Art, and the Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs.

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