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Webinar: California-Nevada Drought & Climate Update and Outlook

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Monday, 26 September 2022, 2:00

Monday, September 26, 2022. 2:00 PM. Webinar: California-Nevada Drought & Climate Update and Outlook. John Abatzoglou, UC Merced; Michal Bernardo, US Bureau of Reclamation; Shrad Shukla, UC Santa Barbara. Sponsored by NIDIS. More information here. Register here.

According to the September 6 U.S. Drought Monitor, 99.9% of CA/NV is in drought, with 45.1% in Extreme (D3) or Exceptional (D4) Drought. Even in a state known for extreme events, last week was one for the books. Record-shattering heat, an explosion of wildfires, and Tropical Storm Kay. But all eyes will soon be on the fall and winter outlooks with the hope for a better snow year even as La Nia is favored to continue through winter 2022-23. The California-Nevada Drought Early Warning System (CA-NV DEWS) March 2022 Drought & Climate Outlook Webinar is part of a series of regular drought and climate outlook webinars designed to provide stakeholders and other interested parties in the region with timely information on current drought status and impacts, as well as a preview of current and developing climatic events (i.e. El Nino and La Nina).

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