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Design For Climate Adaptation - Three Talks in Three Days. Day 3 Adaptation Through Behavior Change and Action.

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Thursday, 09 June 2022, 5:00

Thursday, June 9, 2022. 5:00 PM. Design For Climate Adaptation - Three Talks in Three Days. Day 3  Adaptation Through Behavior Change and Action. Billie Faircloth (Research Director and Partner KieranTimberlake; Adjunct Professor University of Pennsylvania, USA): Klaus Klaas Loenhart (Professor, Graz University of Technology; Terrain: Integral Designs, Austria); Gail Brager (Associate Director, Center for the Built Environment, Professor of Architecture, University of California Berkeley, California, USA); Fabricio Chicca (Senior Lecturer, Victoria University of Wellington, School of Architecture, New Zealand).  In association with the UIA World Congress of Architects.  Join the webinar. Passcode 920329.

Adaptation Through Behavior Change and Action investigates design strategies that support or challenge human behavior and elevates individuals and communities that witness, are impacted by, and directly respond to climate change. We will explore the following questions:  How can the design of the built environment contribute to, support, and/or challenge changing human behaviors, values, and processes for working together to adapt to the impacts of climate change? How can innovative design and practice processes, including co-design and participatory design for climate change adaptation, make the design more effective as an agent of advocacy and positive change? How can architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design tangibly demonstrate and contribute to climate change activism?  

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