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Webinar: Where Do We Go From Here: Visions for a Clean Heat Standard

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Thursday, 26 May 2022, 2:00

Thursday, May 26, 2022. 2:00 PM. Webinar: Where Do We Go From Here: Visions for a Clean Heat Standard. Richard Cowart, RAP; Stephen Dodge, Clean Fuels Alliance America; Erin
Overturf, Western Resource Advocates; Megan Gilman, Colorado Public Utilities Commission. Sponsored by the Regulatory Assistance Project. Register here.

The term “transition” implies moving away from one thing and toward something else. The energy transition in the United States has challenged utility regulators to ensure that the movement away from fossil-fuel-dominated resources, and the adoption of lower-carbon resources in their place, will not put at risk the economic benefits, security, and reliability associated with our current energy system.

As part of this transition, states across the country are exploring ways to lower the emissions associated with a particular energy demand: building heat. Join us for a webinar taking a closer look at a variety of these efforts under way. Policies adopted or being considered by Northeast and Western states will illustrate how cleaner heat does not need to be an “either/or” proposition, but instead can provide everyone — suppliers, consumers, and grid operators — with choices and a path toward a lower-carbon future.

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