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Webinar: Society’s Global Appetite for Technology Accelerates Climate Change and E- Wastes: Leveraging the Power of Sustainable and Circular Procurement

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Thursday, 08 July 2021, 1:15

Tuesday, July 8, 2021. 1:15 PM. Webinar: Society’s Global Appetite for Technology Accelerates Climate Change and E-Wastes: Leveraging the Power of Sustainable and Circular Procurement. Panelists announced shortly. Sponsored by the Security and Sustainability Forum. Register here.

Technology is an essential and valued aspect of our lives, yet it comes at a price. The carbon footprint of our devices, the internet, and the systems supporting them account for about 3.7% of global greenhouse emissions, about as much as produced by the airline industry. Moreover, technology products continue to consume unsustainable amounts of materials and natural resources, be a source of hazardous substances, add to the largest growing waste stream in the world, e-waste, in addition to negative climate impacts.

While the technology sector is making strides to address their products' environmental and social impacts, there continue to be sourcing from conflict zones, worker exposure to toxic substances during the manufacturer and assembly processes, and unacceptable labor and human rights behaviors throughout the supply chain. The Global Electronics Council works towards creating a world of only sustainable technology products and services through programs and partnerships to address these negative environmental and social impacts while maximizing the many positive benefits that technology brings to our daily lives.

Join GEC and SSF in a 90-minute webinar addressing how sustainable purchasing practices can accelerate the technology industry’s pathway to net-zero energy and planet friendlier products and waste management practices. Topics include: trends in technology uses and Earth impacts importance of consistent customer demand signals, and getting to scale by aggregating the individual and private sector sustainable purchasing commitments.

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