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Webinar: 7th Open Science Meeting: What is the science needed for Alternative Carbon Futures?

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Friday, 26 March 2021, 12:30

Friday, March 26, 2021. 12:30 PM. Webinar: 7th Open Science Meeting: What is the science needed for Alternative Carbon Futures?. Chris Adamo, Danone North America; Justin Baker, RTI International; Julie Cerqueira, US Climate Alliance; Jennifer Jenkins, Enviva; Abraham
Silverman, New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. Sponsored by North American Carbon Program. More information here.

Recognition is growing among policymakers, land managers, industry, and society-at-large that a low-carbon future is critical for mitigating the most damaging effects of climate change and ocean acidification. A low carbon future may include an economy that is less reliant on energy
from fossil fuels, systems technologies that use energy more efficiently and produce less waste, negative emissions technologies (carbon sinks), and innovative business models and lifestyles that adopt less carbon-intensive practices of production and consumption. Carbon cycle
science has a central role to play in assessing the potential of these and other opportunities for decreasing the carbon-intensity of modern society, as well as appraising associated impacts. This session will explore opportunities being considered for a low carbon future and the mechanisms by which they might be achieved. The session takes an interdisciplinary approach to the topic and welcomes insights from the physical and social sciences, natural resources sciences, engineering, economics, business, policy, and cultural studies. Discussion will focus on practical mechanisms, techniques, and policies that could play a part in the transition to a low-carbon way of life.

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