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Webinar: A Strategy for NOAA to Harness the Power of the Crowd

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Tuesday, 16 March 2021, 12:00

Tuesday, March 16, 2021. 12:00 PM. Webinar: A Strategy for NOAA to Harness the Power of the Crowd. John McLaughlin, NOAA Office of Education; Laura Oremland, NOAA Fisheries Office of Science and Technology. Sponsored by NOAA and the Citizen Science Association’s Law and Policy Working Group. More information here.

Volunteer observations have helped inform the prediction and management of weather, oceans and coasts within the United States for over a century. In 2013, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) established a citizen science community of practice. The strong growth of this community and the entire practice of citizen science helped lead to citizen science being named one of six Science & Technology Focus Areas for NOAA in 2020. NOAA recently released a Citizen Science Strategy that outlines a path for the agency to engage the public in support of key mission areas. We will discuss this strategy, its creation, and next steps to support its implementation.

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