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Webinar: Multidimensional Challenges of Energy Justice: Finding Global Synergy in Energy System

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Monday, 01 March 2021, 4:00

Monday, March 1, 2021. 4:00 PM. Webinar: Multidimensional Challenges of Energy Justice: Finding Global Synergy in Energy System. Sara Fuller, Macquarie University; Raphael Heffron, Centre for Energy; Destenie Nock, Carnegie Mellon University. Sponsored by the International Association for Energy Economics. More information here.

As our society advances technologically, if we ignore and delay addressing energy access adequately, the socio-economic inequality gap will continue to widen. Therefore, it is imperative for the energy system, one of the most complex systems in our civilization, to join its forces
toward the common objective of ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, efficient, and modern energy for all. Even though we are expected to take a leap of faith in the disposition of mankind, history has often demonstrated that pragmatic approaches in combination with jurisprudence have tendencies to lead to a more equitable and justly outcomes. Hence, it is not surprising that the subject of energy justice has entered academic and policy discourses around the world. Circumstances of energy poverty, where households cannot afford adequate amount of energy, are increasingly framed as issues of justice and connect political discourses on equity with debates on energy systems. It is clear that the future electricity generation mix of the power system will change, but the most equitable solution will be based on a country's starting point, and their goals. We need to develop more inclusive measures in areas of energy access where traditional metrics neglect to include everyone. However, energy justice concerns full spectrum of justice issues relating to energy and not just poverty alone. The essence of the webinar is to merge theory and practice on energy justice. We will explore how energy justice is applied and if it can result in gains in practice. We will examine the key components of energy justice and how they should be applied to projects where energy justice is at the core. We will tackle issues of energy justice around the world, including in the USA, Hong Kong, and Australia.

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