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Webinar: Using Design Thinking to Employ Smart Systems to Decarbonize Our Future

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Thursday, 04 June 2020, 1:15

Thursday, June 4, 2020. 1:15PM. Webinar: Using Design Thinking to Employ Smart Systems to Decarbonize Our Future. Karel Vredenburg, Adam Cutler, and Susanne Jones, IBM; Cheryl Heller, Arizona State University. Sponsored by Security and Sustainability Forum and Arizona State University. More information here


Design thinking can help customers build or customize smart system tools to decarbonize their operations and supply chains. Design thinking uses customer input and transdisciplinary collaboration to erase the boundaries of internal silos and step around archaic bureaucratic processes to reimagine solutions. 


In this first webinar in a new LightWorks at Arizona State University series on "How "Smart" Systems Can Power Our Decarbonized Future" we pose the question to design leaders Karel Vrendenburg, Director of Design at IBM and Cheryl Heller, Director of Design Integration with Arizona State University - How can design be used to transform the culture and operations of an organization to embrace AI, blockchain and other smart tools and thrive in the New Carbon Economy? Learn the principals of design thinking, its incredible power to free your creative thinking and hear how companies can use it to transform their carbon footprint and impact on the planet. Additional panelists will be announced shortly. 

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