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New Jersey Future Redevelopment Forum 2020

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Friday, 06 March 2020, 8:00

Friday, March 6, 2020. 8:00AM. New Jersey Future Redevelopment Forum 2020. Sponsored by NJ Future. More information here


New Jersey Future’s annual Redevelopment Forum is our biggest event of the year, attracting more than 500 local and state officials, citizen activists, development professionals, architects, attorneys, planners, business leaders and students. Redevelopment allows us to re-use infrastructure, take advantage of historically strategic locations, maintain and improve our communities and preserve our remaining open spaces. It is clear that redevelopment, already at the heart of many of the opportunities available today, will play an even more vital role in the future.


By bringing together leaders in both government and the private sector who are working tirelessly to create sustainable redevelopment solutions to New Jersey’s problems, we can share innovative ideas, learn best practices, and make our state a better place for tomorrow. Our comprehensive workshops and panels feature impressive speakers with real world redevelopment experience.


The forum will include a climate session, Stronger than the Storm: Building the Infrastructure we Need for a Changing Climate. As our climate changes and storms worsen, much of New Jersey’s infrastructure is at risk. How can communities not only make transportation, energy and water systems resilient, but also redesign them to take advantage of new technologies and changing community needs? This session will explore ways to harness regulations, integrated solutions and stakeholder input to build climate-ready and future-ready infrastructure.

Location  Hyatt Regency, New Brunswick, NJ 08901.