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Webinar: How Cities Are Paying for Climate Resilience

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Thursday, 10 October 2019, 1:15

Thursday, October 10, 2019. 1:15PM. Webinar: How Cities Are Paying for Climate Resilience. Joyce Coffee, Climate Resilience Consulting; John Cleveland, Innovation Network for Communities; Andrew Salkin, NYC Department of Finance. Sponsored by Security and Sustainability Forum. More information here

Cities that have begun implementing climate resilience projects have used distinct strategies to obtain public and private financial resources that pay for large-scale climate-resilience. These strategies amount to an initial approach—"Playbook 1.0"—for deciding who will pay, what and how city governments will generate the needed revenue. 

Join city leaders, authors of the recent report "How Cities Are Paying for Climate Resilience: Playbook 1.0," and professionals supporting resilience in hundreds of cities around the globe to explore the strategies that reflect the leading-edge of urban climate-resilience financing practices discuss what they foreshadow for other cities and the continuing evolution of the urban leadership for climate-resilience finance.  

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