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Webinar: Towards Operational Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management on Georges Bank

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Wednesday, 11 September 2019, 3:00

Wednesday, September 11, 2019. 3:00PM. Webinar: Towards Operational Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management on Georges Bank. Michael Fogarty, Northeast Fisheries Science Center. Sponsored by National Marine Fisheries Service. More information here


The New England Fishery Management Council is currently evaluating options for implementation of Ecosystem-based Management (EBFM) on Georges Bank. The mixed-species fishery on the Bank has presented seemingly intractable problems for conventional single-species management. Michael Fogarty will describe potential avenues under consideration for the transition to place-based management of species complexes on the Bank. The approach attempts to account for the strong technical and biological interactions that are at the heart of the management challenges in this region. It focuses on management of Fishery Functional Groups defined as species that are caught together by specified fleet sectors, play similar roles in the ecosystem with respect to energy transfer, and have similar life history characteristics. Michael Fogarty will describe proposed harvest control rules for this system and initial performance simulation tests made as a prelude to a full multispecies management strategy evaluation.

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