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Conservation with Climate Change

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Thursday, 05 September 2019, 6:00

Thursday, September 5, 2019. 6:00PM. Conservation with Climate Change. Jodi Hilty, Yellowstone to Yukon Initiative; Richard Weller, University of Pennsylvania; Amy Freitag, J.M. Kaplan Fund. Sponsored by The McHarg Center. More information here

In the era of climate change, everything is on the move—people, animals, even entire ecosystems. Prior generations of landscape conservation were predicated on notions of sustainability and stability. Those efforts focused on what's become known as fortress conservation, a model that assumes the best way to protect biodiversity is through the demarcation of protected areas, far removed from intensive human activities—what we might think of as wildlife refuges and preserves, wilderness areas, and national parks.

But as concepts like dynamic equilibrium and resilience became mainstream and began producing alternative models of land conservation, we must now ask: how might we reimagine the design, planning, and management of conservation land in the era of climate change? This question has animated one of the Center's flagship research projects, the Hotspot Cities Alliance and accompanying Atlas for the End of the World directed by Richard Weller, and it will serve as the central theme of our fall public forum on Conservation With Climate Change.


Location  Meyerson Hall, Room B1, University of Pennsylvania, 210 South 34th Street; Philadelphia, PA