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Webinar: VALUABLES - societal and economic benefits of satellite products

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Wednesday, 31 July 2019, 3:00

Wednesday, July 31, 2019. 3:00PM. Webinar: VALUABLES - societal and economic benefits of satellite products. Yusuke Kuwayama, Resources for the Future. Sponsored by NOAA Ocean Color Coordinating Group. More information here


National and international organizations are placing greater emphasis on the societal and economic benefits that are derived from applications of satellite data, yet improvements are needed to connect the decision processes that produce actions with direct societal benefits. Quantifying the socioeconomic benefits of Earth observations can (a) demonstrate return on investment in satellites and data products, (b) help satellite programs make informed choices about how to invest limited resources, (c) give Earth scientists an effective tool for communicating the value of their work in socioeconomically meaningful terms, and (d) increase the likelihood that a satellite or satellite data application produces socioeconomic benefits by requiring Earth scientist to think about how project outcomes will be evaluated. 


To encourage the use of impact assessments to quantify the value of Earth science information energy and environmental economists at Resources for the Future (RFF) are collaborating with NASA Scientists through the VALUABLES Consortium (Consortium for the Valuation of Applications Benefits Linked with Earth Science). Kuwayama will summarize the consortium's ongoing impact assessments, which quantify the value of using satellite data to enforce air quality standards, regulate air emissions from oil and gas development, detect harmful algal blooms, inform post-wildfire response, and predict ice sheet decline.

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