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Webinar: The Social Implications of Pervasive Carbon

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Tuesday, 09 April 2019, 12:00

Tuesday, April 9, 2019. 12:00PM. Webinar: The Social Implications of Pervasive Carbon. Elizabeth L. Malone, Independent Researcher. Sponsored by NOAA. More information here.


From energy sources to land management and from urban hardscapes to rural landscapes, carbon is emitted, conserved, or captured as people work, travel, eat, and perform other everyday activities and as human institutions and economic systems form and operate. Research that starts with such social configurations contrasts and complements studies that examine changes in the carbon cycle, identify points of emissions, and quantify the technical potential of reducing them. People-centered research into the social embeddedness of carbon involves a wide range of scientific areas and a commitment to involvement by stakeholders. Such research leads to findings that will deepen knowledge about how social systems both persist and change and people's multiple roles within those systems. Results can indicate pathways by which carbon emissions can be reduced and carbon sequestration increased.

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