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Webinar: Valuing climate information

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Wednesday, 06 February 2019, 4:00

Wednesday, February, 6, 2019. 4:00PM. Webinar: Valuing climate information. Malgosia Madajewicz, Columbia University and Meri Davlasheridze, Texas A&M University. Sponsored by NOAA. More information here.


The demand for climate information that can guide climate risk management and adaptation is growing rapidly. Scientists, decision makers, and funders are considering how to design programs and projects that provide climate information to decision makers and ones that apply climate information to improve risk management and adaptation. Funders want to quantify the improvements that result in order to justify investments in providing climate information for decision-making. However, evidence regarding how effectively different approaches to providing and applying climate information improve outcomes, and therefore what socio-economic benefits they produce, is still limited. Evidence of benefits should guide the design of programs and projects.

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