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Webinar: Fishing for Solutions: A Science Briefing on Ocean Change and Fisheries

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Monday, 17 December 2018, 2:00


Monday, December 17, 2018. 2:00PM. Webinar: Fishing for Solutions: A Science Briefing on Ocean Change and Fisheries. Malin Pinsky, Rutgers University; Michael Luisi, Maryland Department of Natural Resources; Roger Griffis, NOAA; Heather Mannix and Stephen Posner, COMPASS. Sponsored by NOAA. More information here.


Ocean warming and a host of related stressors - including ocean acidification, hypoxia, and sea-level rise - have profound implications for marine life and human communities worldwide. The rate and scale of change that we see now is impacting fish, the ecosystems that fish depend on, and the communities, businesses, and economies that a rich fishing culture supports. As fisheries change, society needs to effectively respond to interconnected ecological, social, and economic challenges - including: how the ocean is changing, what this means for fisheries and for people, what is at risk, and how management systems can respond.


This webinar will discuss science, policy and management gaps and opportunities across fisheries, marine ecology, social science, policy, law, and management fields that arose from a 2-day roundtable convened by COMPASS in 2018. Aligning the capabilities of science with the mounting challenges of a changing ocean is about gaps in current knowledge, and also about how to mobilize people based on the knowledge we have now. Productive dialogue among scientists, decision makers, non-governmental organizations, and ocean resource managers can support the development and implementation of effective fisheries policies based on relevant scientific evidence.


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