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Webinar: Coastal Blue Carbon as a Negative Emissions Technology

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Thursday, 06 December 2018, 10:00

Thursday, December 6, 2018. 10:00AM. Webinar: Coastal Blue Carbon as a Negative Emissions Technology. Tiffany Troxler, Florida International University. Sponsored by NOAA. More information here.

Negative emissions technologies (NETs) that aim to remove and sequester excess carbon from the atmosphere have been identified as an important part of the portfolio of responses to climate change. These approaches have been garnering new attention as the international community has identified lower thresholds for global temperature increases, which can only be accomplished with net negative carbon emissions to the atmosphere. Negative Emissions Technologies and Reliable Sequestration: A Research Agenda, which was released in October 2018, provides a detailed research and development agenda needed to assess the benefits, risks, and sustainable scale potential for carbon dioxide removal and sequestration approaches; and increase their commercial viability.

One of the carbon removal approaches the committee assessed is coastal blue carbon, which involves land use and management practices to increase the carbon stored in living plants and soils of coastal ecosystems, particularly mangroves, tidal marshes, and seagrass beds. Committee member, Tiffany Troxler, Florida International University, will present findings and recommendations from the report with a focus on coastal blue carbon. The webinar will cover the state of knowledge related to carbon capacity and flux in coastal systems, the processes driving sustainability of coastal wetland carbon storage in the future, and the essential components of a coastal blue carbon research and development program, including its estimated costs and potential impact.


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