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Water Pricing and Inequality in New Jersey

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Wednesday, 03 October 2018, 12:30

Wednesday, October 3, 2018. 12:30PM. Water Pricing and Inequality in New Jersey. Daniel Van Abs, Department of Human Ecology. Sponsored by Department of Human Ecology. More information here.

Rutgers University developed water demand forecasts through the year 2040 for all public community water systems (PCWS) in New Jersey, under contract to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. Part of this project involved the evaluation of recent residential per capita water demands at the neighborhood level using demand data from households representing roughly 3.6 million people, roughly 40 percent of New Jersey’s population and 45 percent of all served by PCWS. Per capita demands were developed for annual, summer and non-summer periods so that the effects of seasonal peaking could be shown. The results showed significant variation among New Jersey physiographic regions in low -density residential areas, and less variation for medium density and high-density areas. The ratio of summer to non-summer periods indicated roughly a doubling of demands for low-density areas, and almost no change in high-density areas.

Location  Blake Hall, Room 131, Cook Campus, Rutgers University