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Webinar: The Ocean Aero Submaran™ an Innovative Hybrid Autonomous Unmanned Underwater & Surface Vehicle (AUUSV)

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Tuesday, 10 April 2018, 12:00

Tuesday,  April 10, 2018. 12:00 PM. Webinar: The Ocean Aero Submaran™ an Innovative Hybrid Autonomous Unmanned Underwater & Surface Vehicle (AUUSV). Neil Trenaman and Eric Patten, Ocean Aero Inc. Sponsored by NOAA. More information here.

Abstract: The Ocean Aero Submaran™ is the first hybrid wind and solar powered, Autonomous Unmanned Underwater and Surface Vehicle (AUUSV) designed for long term autonomous ocean observation and data collection. Built for speed, efficiency and maneuverability, the Submaran is powered by a unique composite wing-sail. The combination of wind and solar power enables the Submaran to cover long distances with the navigating ability for extended station keeping and prolonged monitoring. The Submaran has the added versatility of underwater capability. The wing sail folds and retracts allowing the Submaran to quickly submerge to evade detection, and severe weather conditions as well as perform subsurface data collection tasks. The Ocean Aero Submaran provides new autonomous surface and sub-surface sampling capabilities to address: Environmental sensing and sampling Remote and protected marine areas monitoring Marine mammal tracking Ocean Water Column Sampling MetOcean data gathering Persistent situational awareness Marine security Cross-domain communications The presentation will talk to these applications and recent field duration exercises. About the Speakers: Neil Trenaman is the Executive Vice President of Strategic Business Development at Ocean Aero Inc. and works closely with the CEO and the Executive Management group to develop “go to market” strategies and to successfully execute Ocean Aero’s business plans. Neil is also responsible for establishing a national sales team and a network of international channel partners as well as transitioning pre-production technologies into fully productized, commercially viable entities. Eric Patten is the CEO and President of Ocean Aero, an unmanned maritime systems company which builds game-changing, long-range and persistent ocean-going robots. Prior to joining Ocean Aero, Eric was the Director, Defense and Intelligence Global Solutions for the geospatial technology leader Esri, where he lead his team to build awareness of Esri's geospatial technology within the defense and intelligence communities worldwide.

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