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Modeling cloud physics on different scales: hydrometeors and thunderstorms

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Tuesday, 20 March 2018, 10:30

Tuesday, March 20, 2018. 10:30 AM. Modeling cloud physics on different scales: hydrometeors and thunderstorms. Kai-Yuan Cheng, University of Wisconsin at Madison. Sponsored by NOAA GFDL. More information here.

The proper representation of cloud processes in models has been one of the biggest challenges faced by the weather/climate modeling community. One way to tackle the challenge is to improve our comprehension of cloud physics. My talk will address recent findings in cloud physics on two different scales. One is hydrometeor growth (of order 1 mm) and the other is storm top infrared features (of order 1 km). For the study of hydrometeor, I will show the simulations of flow fields around falling hydrometeors and discuss characteristics of these flow fields while analyzing their impact on the growth of hydrometeors. For the study of storm, I will show the simulations of storm top temperature distribution, which closely resembles the storm top infrared features observed by satellites. I will discuss the mechanisms accounting for the features and their applications on the satellite retrieval of stratospheric wind profile and stability.

Location  Smagorinsky Seminar Room, NOAA GFDL, Princeton, NJ