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Webinar: Jellyfish blooms around the world: the roles of climate and humans

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Thursday, 30 November 2017, 12:00

Thursday, November 30, 2017. 12:00PM. Webinar: Jellyfish blooms around the world: the roles of climate and humans. Jennifer E. Purcell, Western Washington University. Sponsored by NOAA Center for Satellite Research and Applications. More informationhere. .

The speaker will introduce the many types of “jellyfish” around the world, regions where more jellyfish blooms have occurred, possible causes for the increases, and the problems they cause for humans. Jellyfish traditionally are considered to be nuisances to humans and of little ecological importance. I will use examples of research on Aequorea spp. that highlight how important jellyfish are, but how much still needs to be learned. Most species with a swimming stage also have an attached stage that probably is key to bloom formation, but whose extent and ecology are not known. Jellyfish of large sizes are reported from citizen science programs and caught in fishing trawls; therefore, abundance data exist from commercial fishing areas. Dietary data show that jellyfish are potentially important predators and competitors of fish. Although their potential importance seems obvious, jellyfish have been studied little relative to fishes. As jellyfish and opportunities to study them increase, new technology and methods will provide new insights into their biology.


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