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Special Seminar: Sustaining Coastal Marine Systems

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Monday, 23 October 2017, 1:00

Monday October 23rd 1:00 PM.  Special Seminar: Sustaining Coastal Marine Systems.  Heather Leslie, Director of the U. Maine Darling Marine Center and Libra Associate Professor in the School of Marine Sciences. Alampi Room, Marine and Coastal Sciences Building, 71 Dudley Road, Cook Campus.

In the Leslie Lab at the University of Maine, we focus on the connections among people and coastal marine ecosystems. As marine conservation scientists, we use a combination of field experiments, modeling, and other approaches grounded in both the ecological and social sciences to investigate how diverse factors, including climate variability and changes in economic and regulatory regimes, influence ecosystem dynamics, and in turn, social interactions. Our ultimate aim is to provide scientific knowledge and tools that can help inform marine management that benefits both nature and people.

Location  Alampi Room, Marine and Coastal Sciences Building, 71 Dudley Road, Cook Campus.