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Climate Influences On Tropical Cyclones And On Tornadoes: Any Commonalities?

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Friday, 30 January 2015, 2:30

January 30, 2014. 2:30 PM. Climate influences on tropical cyclones and on tornadoes: any commonalities? Adam Sobel, Columbia University. Sponsored by Department of Environmental Sciences and Rutgers Climate Institute. Refreshments at 2:15 PM.

Location  Room 223, Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences Building, GH Cook Campus

Although the physics of tornadoes and TCs are almost entirely different,
there are many commonalities in the research problems that arise when
studying how each is related to the large-scale climate. Observational
records are relatively short, sparse and troubled by changes in observing
practices over time; standard climate models don't resolve the storms well
(not at all, in the case of tornadoes); we lack physical theories for key
aspects of both problems; and the research communities with the most
specialist knowledge of the storms tend to have closer ties to short-term
operational forecasting than to climate research. In the face of these
difficulties, some of the same approaches, broadly speaking, make sense in
both problems. The approach on which this talk will focus is what the TC
community calls "genesis indices", which to the tornado community is the
"ingredients approach".