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Rahul Ghosal SEBS Class of 2015

The George H. Cook Scholars Program is an independent research program for undergraduate students in the Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS) under the mentorship of an approved advisor. The program is meant to act as an intensive capstone project for undergraduates seeking the challenge and experience of performing their own independent research. Students are not constrained to the laboratory research fields and are free to propose projects and seek advisors in the disciplines of policy, public health, and many more. They are also encouraged to see advisor support in the extension and research stations. More about the G.H. Cook Scholars can be found here.

In 2015, Rahul Ghosal, was designated as a George H. Cook Scholar for successfully completing this program under the guidance of RCI Co-Directors Robin Leichenko (Geography ) and Tony Broccoli (Environmental Sciences) and RCI affiliate Cymie Payne (Human Ecology).

Rahul's research project, Climate Vulnerability and Small Island States: A Case Study of the Caribbean explored the synergistic impacts between climate change and globalization as being especially problematic for these small developing nations that lack both the social capital and resources required for the degree of adaptation needed for their particular vulnerabilities. He analyzed vulnerability, in specifically socio-economic terms, as the climate-sensitive sectors of tourism, agriculture, and fishing regionally and nationally and concluded that given the vulnerabilities of these three sectors, the need for adaptation is urgent in these states. Rahul also examined issues of fairness and climate justice. His final presentation is available document here (1.51 MB) .

Pictured from Left to Right: RCI Co-Director Tony Broccoli, RCI Co-Director Robin Leichenko, G.H. Cook Scholar Rahul Ghosal (Class of 2015), and RCI Affiliate Cymie Payne.


Rahul Ghosal continued his scholarship upon his graduation with this publication:
Ghosal, Rahul D. (2016) "Climate Change in the Caribbean: A Multi-Scalar Account of Context and Inequality," Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis: Vol. 5: Iss. 2, Article 2. Available at: