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August 8, 2012

American Meteorological Society Information Statement on Climate Change. The American Meteorological Society (AMS) has updated its 2007 statement on climate change. The AMS statement is intended to be a scientifically up-to-date and objective overview of how and why the global climate has changed over the last century and why it will continue to change in the future, is based on peer-reviewed scientific literature and  has been adopted as the official stance of the AMS towards climate change. In the statement the AMS affirms that warming of the global climate system is now unequivocal and that many of the observed changes are beyond what can be explained by natural variability. The dominant cause of the comparatively rapid change in climate over the past century has been human-induced increases in atmospheric greenhouse gases, most notably carbon dioxide due to its persistence in the atmosphere. As a result, observed average temperatures on land, in the ocean, and in the lower atmosphere have all increased significantly over the last century. Such increases in average temperature will continue into the future with serious consequences such as melting glaciers, rising sea level, and disrupted weather patterns.

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