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August 16, 2012

Severe Storms Prompted by Climate Change Require New Development Policies. Barry Chalosky, former chief of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s storm water and ground water programs and adjunct professor at Rutgers University, says that state, county and local governments need to work together to plan for the impacts of climate change. New Jersey is highly vulnerable to the affects of climate change according to Marjorie Kaplan, Associate Director of CECI, and Jeanne Herb from the Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy and CECI affiliate. In the future, residents of New Jersey can expect heat waves, rising seas, more frequent flooding and greater coastal impacts from storm events.

August 2012

Read more: August 2012 Rutgers-Newark Law Professor Urges Adoption of “Clean” Technologies Over Emissions-Reduction Plans. In his new book Climate Change Policy Failures, CECI affiliate Howard Latin challenges the conventional wisdom of most climate policymakers and environmental groups by arguing that greenhouse gas emission reduction programs are largely ineffectual because such programs adopt a multi-decade emission reduction strategy and postpone major cuts far into the future they have “virtually no chance of achieving genuine climate change progress.” Instead, Latin argues for “a ‘clean’ replacement technology approach,” which would rely on implementing as many greenhouse gas-free technologies, processes and methods as quickly as possible and in as many sectors of the economy as possible. You can hear Professor Latin discuss themes from his book at the October 12th seminar "Climate Policy Failures: Running out of Time" sponsored by our sister initiative the Initiative on Climate and Society.

August 2012

Congratulations to Dr. Gail Ashley, Rutgers Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences and Director of the Quaternary Studies Program, who was recently awarded the Geological Society of America Laurence L. Sloss Award. The award is given annually to those whose achievements contribute widely to the field of sedimentary geology and through service to the Geological Society of America.

August 24, 2012

‘Bumper Crop’ of Ragweed Pollen Expected This YearRutgers allergy specialist and CECI affiliate Dr. Leonard Bielory predicts a record ragweed season this year, which has begun a week earlier than usual. The ragweed season normally lasts two to three weeks but this year it could last for up to two months. Pollen levels are likely to remain in the moderate to severe range into the near future.

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