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Conferences, Symposia, Calls for Papers, Online Courses, Short Courses and Seminars

International WCRP/IOC Conference, hosted by The Earth Institute at Columbia University on Regional Sea Level Changes and Coastal Impacts will be held from July 10- 14, 2017 in New York, NY. More information pdf here (1.67 MB)

Polar2018 will take place in Davos, Switzerland from June 15-27, 2018. Session Proposal deadline is November 30, 2016. More information here.

The session on Interrelationships of climate, environment, and social-cultural changes through mid to late Holocene is now accepting  abstracts. Submission deadline is November 30, 2016. More information and application here.

The National Council for Science and the Environment will be holding their 17th National Conference and Global Forum on Science, Policy, and the Environment “Integrating Environment and Health” from January 24 th - 26 th , 2017. Follow here for more information.

Partnership for the Delaware Estuary “Reflecting on Progress, Charting the Future” 2017 Estuary Science and Environmental Summit from January 22- 25, 2017 in Cape May, NJ. Complete information here.

The Australian Meteorological & Oceanographic Society and Meteorological Society of New Zealand conference on Australian weather, climate and oceans will be held from February 7th- 10th, 2017 at the Australian National University. More information here.

The 2016 ACEEE Intelligent Efficiency Conference will be held from December 4-6, 2016 in Austin, Texas. Early Bird Registration deadline is November 7, 2016. Complete details here.


Weather & Climate Decision Tools for Farmers, Ranchers & Land Managers Conference will be held from December 5-7, 2016 at University of Florida Campus. Registration deadline is November 4, 2016. More information here.

The 21st International Congress of Biometeorology will be held from September 3-7, 2017 at Durham University in the United Kingdom. Email proposals for symposium topics related to the Congress theme on Weather and Climate Information for Risk Management to glenn.mcgregor(at)durham.ac.uk by November 30, 2016. More information here.

The 8th National Summit on Coastal and Estuarine Restoration along with the 25th Biennial Meeting of the Coastal Society will be held December 10-15th 2016 at the Hilton New Orleans River-side, New Orleans, Louisiana. Click here for more information.

The American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting December 12-16, 2016. Abstract submission deadline August 3rd, 2016. Details here.

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine in collaboration with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has released a funding opportunity “Enhancing Coastal Community Resilience and Well-being in the Gulf of Mexico Region” as a part of the Gulf Research Program. Full proposals due December 14 th , 2016. More information here.

The National Resilience Institute will be holding their 3 rd Annual International Resilience Summit “Cultivating Resilience in a Complex World” from November 2 nd - 3 rd , 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. More information and registration here.

The International Transformational Resilience Coalition will be holding their first conference on “Building Personal and Psychosocial Resilience for Climate Change” from November 3rd- 4th, 2016 in Washington D.C. Registration here . More information here .

The Annual Conference of the Italian Society for Climate Sciences (SISC) will be from October 19th-20th, 2016 in Italy. More information here .

The 2017 Children’s Environmental Health Network Translational Research Conference: New Challenges will be help from April 5-7,2017 in Arlington, Virginia.  Individual Abstract and Full Session proposal deadline is October 31, 2016. Submit abstract here. Submit proposal here. More information here.

The International Centre for Theoretical Physics will be holding their Workshop on Teleconnections in the Present and Future Climate from October 24th- 28th, 2016 in Italy. More information here .

A workshop on Adapting to Climate Change: Actions, Implementations, and Outcomes will be held at the University of Notre Dame from April 28 th - May 1 st , 2017. More information pdf here (567 KB) .

The National Adaptation Forum will be held from May 9 th - 11 th , 2017 in Saint Paul, Minnesota.. More information here.

The Green Program study abroad to promote water resource management and renewable energy's sustainability in Winter and Spring of 2017. Registration and more information here.

The website, MOOC-List provides a list of free online courses on climate change here.

Introduction to Sustainable Development course through Coursera and Columbia University. Course is ongoing and is free and open to all. Click here  to take the course.

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