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Congratulations to RCI Affiliate Alan Robock, winner of the Jule G. Charney Award of the American Meteorological Society which is granted to individuals in recognition of highly significant research or development achievement in the atmospheric or hydrologic sciences. Congratulations also to Professor Robock on his $758,938 award as the principal investigator of the project, Decadal Prediction Following Volcanic Eruptions, supported by the National Science Foundation.

Congratulations to the following RCI Affiliates for their recent grant awards!

Ben Horton. Heterogenous rupture of great Cascadia earthquakes inferred from coastal subsidence estimates. NSF $129,503

Ben Horton, Microfossil, sedimentary and geochemical analyses of inferred tsunami deposits, Aceh Province, Indonesia. Earth Observatory of Singapore, $32,289

Paul Falkowski . Mechanisms of coral mineralization. NSF $1,393,973

Oscar Schofield. Climate driven impacts on marine ecology, biogeochemistry and carbon cycles of the WAP. WHOI $70,468

Congratulations to RCI Affiliate Professor Enrique Curchitser, who was named the U.S. Academic Delegate to International Marine Science Organization. Read about Professor Curchitser and his appointment here.


Congratulations to RCI Co-director Professor Anthony Broccoli who in July 2014 became Chair of the Department of Environmental Sciences.

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