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Rutgers faculty and students on coastal geomorphology, climate change, and sea level rise:

Congratulations to RCI affiliate Michael Kennish, lead editor and a contributing author for a special issue of the journal Estuaries and Coasts. The special issue covers "Drivers of Change in Shallow Coastal Photic Systems."

RCI affiliate and Rutgers allergist Leonard Bielory, a researcher focused on the long-term effects of climate change on allergic airway disease, expects an increase in the release of tree pollen this spring, which may produce an intense pollen season for allergy sufferers. Read more about his work at the SEBS Newsroom and NorthJersey.com.

State climatologist and RCI affiliate Dave Robinson was interviewed about this year's winter conditions. How does this winter compare to past years? Listen here

The jet-stream has increasingly taken a longer, meandering path, leading to weather that becomes "stuck" on an area for an extended period. According to RCI affiliate Jennifer Francis, this extreme weather in the middle latitudes could be due to a warming Arctic, but it's too soon to tell for certain. Read more here

Listen to RCI Affiliate, Michael Kennish on flood threats in Bayside Communities.

"Anthony Broccoli, co-director of the Rutgers Climate Institute, said January was in the top 20 coldest months in over 100 years, but there have been colder winters." Read more here

Bitter cold may kill off beetles tearing through Pine Barrens, but RCI affiliate and Geography professor David Robinson maintains that a long-term warming climate will make it more difficult to thwart the beetle. Read more here.

Jennifer Francis, RCI Affiliate and IMCS professor, discusses the polar vortex and how it relates to our weather patterns. Read more here.

Listen to what RU Students are saying about climate change.

RCI Affiliate Malin Pinsky, Professor of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources, published a study connecting differences in climate velocity—the rate and direction that climate shifts across the landscape—to observed species shifts. Click here for more information.

New publications by RCI Affiliate Ben Horton discusses sea level rise in New Jersey and worldly. Read more here and here

A recent study by RCI Affiliate Yair Rosenthal, Professor of Marine and Coastal Sciences, reconstructs Pacific Ocean heat content over the past 10,000 years, showing that intermediate waters of the Pacific Ocean are absorbing heat 15 times faster over the past 60 years than in the past 10,000. Read more here

RCI affiliate Jennifer Francis co-authored a study linking Arctic sea ice to shifting weather patterns in the Northern Hemisphere's mid-latitudes. Learn more about the emerging research on Arctic and mid-latitude linkages here

RCI Affiliates Ken Miller, Robert Kopp, Ben Horton, and James Browning of Rutgers University Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences project New Jersey sea level rise 11 to 15 inches higher than the global average for next century. Read more about the analysis here. Read the highlight in the Philadelphia Inquirer here

RCI Affiliate Ben Horton elicited sea level rise projections from 90 experts in the field. The future sea-level rise ranges provided by the experts are on average higher than those of the IPCC 5th assessment. Read more here.

Watch RCI Affiliate Robert Kopp and other experts discuss local and global impacts of climate change from the 5th IPCC Report.

Learn about the effects of dunes, development, storms, and sea level rise along Barnegat Bay in this Q&A and video clip interview with RCI Affiliate, Rutgers Professor Emeritus, Norbert Psuty

Listen to Anthony Broccoli, Professor of Environmental Sciences and Co-Director of RCI, speaking about historical climate trends, says that with the changing weather and development patterns in the region "the past cannot be used to predict the future."

Watch this video clip of the boat shed at the Rutgers University Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory, Port Norris, NJ from October 2013. Lab Director, Professor David Bushek notes, "This is the height of a typical fall (October or November) spring tide. When built over 100 years ago, the permit to build was 1 foot above high tide. It rarely flooded when I was a grad student in early 1990s. The surge from Hurricane Sandy was at least three feet higher than shown here."

See how RCI affiliate Lisa Auermuller, Watershed Coordinator for the Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve is helping citizens understand sea level rise with tools developed by RCI affiliate Richard Lathrop, Director Rutgers Center for Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis. Watch here.



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